Woodland Residence
Krakow, Poland

The Woodland Residence is a luxury residence designed for a private client in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the outskirts of Krakow, Poland. Designed in collaboration with Polish architects MOFO, the design incorporates a covered swimming pool, two main bedrooms, 140sqm of living area and a 5-storey viewing tower. The tower provides additional guest accommodation on its lower floors and a fully-glazed study at the top that offers beautiful panoramic views of the distant Tatra Mountains. The fully-glazed steel frame structure appears to ‘float’ above the site, making the most of the spectacular location and at the same time preserving the existing natural environment.

A tree that grew on the house’s building plot was retained and penetrates both the floor and ceiling, whilst the kitchen work surface merges seamlessly into an outdoor dining area, emphasisng the building’s strong connection to the surrounding landscape. All the masonry walls were constructed using local reclaimed stone, laid in a traditional pattern and the house incorporates a natural ventilation system to prevent overheating in summer and create a comfortable environment in winter.

Project Information

Client: Private
Duration: 2006-2008
Location: Krakow